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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calling all Lion King Broadway Lovers!!

I got super excited when I heard Lion King the Broadway is coming to the Kennedy Center June 17-August 17, 2014.  I immediately went to the site to buy my tickets.

Little did I know, tickets are only available for purchase for Kennedy Center members and won't be open to the public till March 3rd, 2014!  I refuse to pay $60 bucks for the cheapest membership just to get access to buy tickets.

I did everything I could think of.  I called and emailed people who I thought might have membership and I scoured the internet.  I found plenty of websites selling seats with a crazy up charge.  I finally resigned myself to waiting patiently for March 3rd to buy tickets until two days ago...

Travelzoo has a deal to buy Lion King Broadway tickets before public sale! How awesome is that? Their link takes you directly to the Kennedy Center website to purchases tickets, totally legit.

Come July, I will be taking my two nieces to their very first real Broadway!  Thanks Travelzoo!

Click on the link below:
Travel Zoo Lion King Link

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