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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On to the Fun Stuff...SAX Review

My very first Yelp review that started it all was about SAX.

SAX is a burlesque DC restaurant.  Luckily I had a Living Social deal where for $75 I would get a $100 and two $50 gift cards to use at SAX or her sister restaurants; OYA and SEI. 

I couldn't pass up this golden opportunity especially since Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time!

Interesting Fact:  After I wrote my ridiculously long review, the SAX Guest Relations Director contacted me and offered me a free $20 gift card.  They actually liked my review! Hurray for hard work!

Check out their website:

Below is my Yelp review, verbatim: (so excuse the bad spelling and grammar)

I went to Sax on a Wednesday night right before valentines day to avoid the snow storm.  The bf and I got there around 5:45pm before they opened at 6pm, and sat in the lobby.  Our reservations were for 6 pm.  The bouncer said we could enter the gold doors at 6pm.  We were happy we didn't have to wait outside in the cold.

When the time came, we entered through the golden doors, the hostess greeted us and took our jackets for complimentary coat check.

The atmosphere was amazing!  The whole restaurant is gold and very lux, very impressive looking.  Also very very dim lighting, creating an intimate, romantic atmosphere.  Right above the bar in the front is the burlesque stage box.

We were the 1st to arrive and were seated right in front on the 1st floor.  I wanted to sit on the 2nd floor, but was told those tables were already reserved. (boo)

We were given super salty paprika popcorn and since it was Burlesque & Bubbles Wednesday we also received complimentary champagne.  I don't drink alcohol so i can't vouch for the champagne, but the bf who normally doesn't like champagne said it was very good.

We received 2 menus and 1 clip-on light for the super dim lighting. Having done my research before and knowing there is a $50 minimum per person on weds, I already knew what I wanted to order.  We also had the living social deal which we had to spend a min of $100 anyways so the $50 per person min didn't bother us.

We ordered the Truffle Fries and Lobster Au Gratin as our apps and the Scallop Stuffed Lobster Tail and Braised Beef Short Ribs as our entrees. 

The truffle fries were adequate. I appreciate how crunchy they were and had a good truffle flavor.  I didn't care too much for the aioli sauce it came with so i mainly dipped in ketchup.   It came with a decent amount of fries.  If I didn't have the living social deal and had to pay $12 bucks for it regularly, I prob wouldn't get it.  It's a good filler tho.

The lobster au Gratin was delicious.  it was melted liquid cheesy goodness with lots of chucks of lobster.  It came with 2 pieces of bread and we killed that so quick, we dipped our fries in it.

I ordered the Scallop Stuffed Lobster Tail and I enjoyed it.  It was over flowing with scallop pieces in the tail and surrounding  the tail on the plate.  I loved the crispy leeks which tasted like mini onion rings.  it was a good pairing of flavor and texture.  The sauce was ok.  Lobster was cooked ok too, not rubbery.  Again if I didn't have the living social deal and had to pay $39 regularly, then I prob wouldn't have gotten it, but i'm glad i got to try it. 

The bf got the Braised Beef Short Ribs.  It was ok to me.  the bf preferred my entree too, but he finished his plate.  My lobster seemed more filling too.  The beef was tender and came with asparagus and a potato rectangle that was thinly sliced to be eaten piece by piece with some sauce.  Not that memorable to me.

The Shows were awesome! We saw at least 5 different shows.  it was alternating acts of girls dancing to music and slowly stripping to acrobatic acts.  I loved the music selections for all the acts and i couldn't stop watching.  the costuming was impressive.   the shows came on every 8-10 minutes.  it was always the same 3 girls dancing and acrobat group, but the performances and costumes were always different.  There were fog machines, pole dancing, lots of good entertainment.

We didn't get dessert and when the bill came it ended up around $106, perfectly meeting the minimum.  Since it was a few days before valentines, i got a free vday gift consisting of a mirror, a chocolate in shape of lips, and a lipstick pen.  I really appreciated the free gift. (i love free stuff!)

overall, I loved SAX!  I would def go back on a wed or thurs or even sun for brunch to hit the $50 min instead of $75 mins on fri and sat.  its a perfect date or girls night out place to hit up.  Hopefully when i go back, ill have a deal of some sort b/c the place is pricey, which i get since all the performers need to get paid.  you're def paying for the atmosphere over food.

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