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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Review that Started it All...

It all began with a Yelp review.

I have always used Yelp over the years, but have never registered to become a user till now. Since I will be reviewing restaurants and what nots, I decided I might as well start a blog.

I am a petite Vietnamese girl from the DMV area who plans to blog about deals and steals, restaurants, places I'll travel to, and other random thought provoking ideas.

I'm constantly emailing my family, friends, and co-workers with deals I find. Might as well have a centralized hub instead of sending out a bazillion emails.

If you're money conscious, thrifty, or love a good deal and the finer things in life, then hello future bosom friend.

Caution: This blog will be filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Please be gentle and kind.  Many thanks.

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