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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Free Stuff: Free $6 Gift Card H&M on Wrapp App

Have a smartphone? Get a free $6 gift card to H&M. I use this app all the time!
The Wrapp App is a gift card service for smartphones. You must have a Facebook account to have Wrapp. (Which is why I use my bf's account. No fb for me)

Once you download the app, sign in to gift your friends and they can gift you back. To use, just pull up the app on your phone and show the cashier. No need to print. 

Wrapp gives out free gift cards occasionally. H&M is offered frequently and once in a blue moon Sephora is offered too!

What's cool about Wrapp, other than the free $, is that you can also use a coupon together since Wrapp is technically a gift card!

Download the app from your App Store on your smartphone. 

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