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Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Events I Went To...

I was pretty lucky this month to go to so many amazing events! Below are the events I went to in February:
  • Bluemercury Opening Party
  • Moby Dick Opera
  • Kings of Leon Concert
  • Yelp's Time Warp Party
  • Blue Duck Tavern
  • SAX for Valentine's Day (I already have a post on that)

Bluemercury Opening Party

I went to Bluemercury's opening party after work not sure what to expect. It was pretty fancy and well done.

Stepping into Bluemercury was like stepping into a higher end Body Shop/Sephora Spa. The setup was very clean and there were many assistants dressed in black to help or give advice on whatever you need.

My friend and I were one of the first people to get there, but it got crowded real quick. We got our deluxe sample gift and were offered champagne and cupcakes.We were also given a tour of the store and the spa.

The spa consisted of a back room where you can get your brows waxed and facials done. People throughout the event were getting makeovers and given even more free samples.

Overall the event was great and Bluemercury is a lovely spa boutique.

Moby Dick Opera

I took a friend to see Moby Dick the opera at the Kennedy Center as part of their bday present.

Going to the Kennedy Center is always special, their venue is classy and bougie. Thanks to MyTix, I scored second row orchestra seats for $30 bucks each. Granted the seats were all the way on the left hand side, giving a bit of a skewered vision of the stage, but you can't beat cheap.

We rode the Kennedy Center's free shuttle from foggy bottom metro.  It was so convenient and saved us from having to pay $20 for parking at the Kennedy Center.

We got super lucky that our row had at least 5 empty seats and we moved closer to the center. This was my first opera and I think I prefer Broadways better. The singers were amazing and talented, but I prefer storylines with some sort of love story going on.

Moby Dick to me was a little boring and the story dragged on. The production was wonderful though. They really tried to make the audience feel like we were on a boat.

Can you believe there was no Moby Dick?! I kept waiting and wondering how they would portray a giant white whale. All this talk and obsession about a whale and you don't even see it in the entire play, except for a quick pic of a giant eyeball. I was a little disappointed with that.

I don't think I'm a fan of Moby Dick the story in general. But I definitely want to see another opera, preferably one with a love story.

Kings of Leon Concert

I was able to score free suite box tickets from work to see the Kings of Leon concert at the Verizon Center. I took the same friend I took to Moby Dicks as a continuation of her bday celebration.

I know I'm a great friend, right?

We went to Ruth's Chris Happy Hour beforehand. The food deals are great.  Everything is $7 on the HH menu, but after 7pm the price jumps to $18-$21!!! One bad thing is if you don't come early to HH, you will be waiting over an hour for seats or you might not get seats at all. People there are notorious for straight up chilling.

The concert was good. I've seen so many concerts at the Verizon center, I feel I can say that they have good music, but production wise it was just alright. Stage lighting was nice, but nothing special. Kings of Leon had good energy, but I didn't feel the need to jump up and down. I'm definitely not a die hard fan so that could have influenced my experience. It was a nice concert and I felt lucky to go, but it wasn't my favorite.

Yelp's Time Warp Party

I was fortunate enough to get invited to Yelp's Time Warp Party for Maryland and it was my very first Yelp party. Yelp throws these type of parties once to twice a year.

The event was hosted at the Fillmore. It was awesome! Completely free and catered by business in the area. There were so many freebies and food to try.

While the event was free, Yelp promoted a great non-profit, Cornerstone Montgomery. They empower people living with mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders to live, work, and integrate successfully within the community.

I decided to dress up as the 50's. I had the Mad Men Stepford wife vibe going on. The event was pure fun. I had a blast! The whole time I was running around grabbing freebies and stuffing my face out. I came out with a giant haul of freebies; t-shirts, sunglasses, bags, water bottles, slap bracelets, coupons, giftcards, the list goes on!

Well done Yelp! I wish I could go to more events like that one.

Blue Duck Tavern for a Friend's Bday

Celebrated my friend's bday at Blue Duck Tavern.

Unfortunately I had no deals or coupons for this place.  My tummy was deliciously satisfied while my wallet was crying. Most of the food was amazing, but you pay for every little thing, even the sides to your main entree.  The best dishes I liked were the Foie Gras and the Brussels Sprouts.  I thought the entrees were adequate.

To me, I can enjoy a cheaper meal just as much or more than an expensive one.  So I would not go back unless it was a special occasion like a friend's bday.  I would never make or demand my bf to take me there.

Another issue I had with Blue Duck Tavern was the check.  Our party had 6 people so 20% tip was automatically included, which was fine with me.  What wasn't ok is when I checked my bank statement the next day, the charge was higher than what I signed off on.  When I called to complain, they said it was a holding pending charge in case our waiter wasn't given a 20% tip and I would be charged the correct amount I signed off on when the payment went through.  They said check back in 2 days and if the charge was incorrect, they would fix it.

First off, if I'm going to a ridiculously expensive restaurant I shouldn't have to do extra work PERIOD! It's insane how I have to jump through hoops to make sure they didn't make a mistake.

Second, our waiter already got a 20% tip, because it was automatically included in our bill, so why would he get more on top of that??  That explanation did not make any sense to me and it ruined my experience there a little.

Already I thought it was a very expensive restaurant, and to top that off they have kooky insane ways billing me.  I did check my statement 2 days later and it was the correct amount I signed off on, but the damage was done.  I can probably say with confidence, I will not be returning back to Blue Duck Tavern anytime soon.

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