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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm Back!!

Hello All!!!  Sorry for disappearing for so long.  I have tons to update you all on!  Italy was a blast!!  Wish I was still there.  I've been very busy since I've gotten back....

I got to experience Italy for the very first time in my life!  Amaze balls!!!

Month of March events I went to below:
  • Traveling to Italy 
  • NYC
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Elixir of Love Opera
  • Shaggy Concert
  • March Free Movies

There is no way I can describe Italy in all it's glory in one measly paragraph. Italy deserves a post of it's own! :) (Coming soon)

New York

I was fortunate enough to go to New York before and after Italy. A nice way to prolong my fabulous vacation. 

Going to NYC for me is always about food and Broadways. Sadly this trip I didn't get to see a Broadway, but I'll get my Broadway fix when I see the Lion King  at the Kennedy Center this Summer.

Our flight to Italy departure was NYC. Why NYC you say? More on that in my Italy post. We arrived in NYC in the wee hours of the day to make sure we had enough time for our flight. That was enough time for me to stuff my face out with Pie Face and Laduree macarons! Those macarons didn't even last to my next layover. Haha

Coming back from Italy we luckily got to stay at a friend's place.  So nice not having to fork over more money for hotels, especially after coming home from Italy my wallet was a lot lighter. :(

Me and the bf were amazed to find the Halal Guys food stand during the daytime! I had heard the rumors, but dismissed it as people mistaking the fakers for the real deal. It was glorious, the bf wouldn't even share with me and we each got our own. 

Afterwards a very glutinous feeding, we waddled around in the area for a bit to stave off our food coma. We ended up near the MoMA museum and checked out their furniture shop across the street. Very cool and unique pieces. Too bad it was too expensive to actually buy anything. 

We trekked our way down to Chinatown to get some Chinatown Ice Cream Factory  ice cream. Buy do I love their red bean flavor. After being use to having gelato every 5 seconds in Italy, I had major withdrawal. The ice cream def hit the spot for me. A cool flavor I tried there was Durian, a very pungent fruit popular in Vietnam. It's an acquired taste for some people. I enjoy it, but the bf said the flavor smelled and tasted like trash. I guess you can't win them all. 

We then made our way to St. Marks for takoyakis! This is one of my all time favs. Otafuku makes the wonderful takoyakis,which are delightful octopus puffs smothered with dry squid and Japanese mayo and other sauces. For you non-Asians I'm sure it sounds crazy gross, but don't knock it till you try it!!

We barely had enough time to make our last stop before heading home on the bus. 

I tried out Num Pang for the first time. My sister recently went to NYC and raved about it. It was a modern take of the Vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi. If I never had Phowheels, a DC food-truck I think I would have been impressed, but once you had greatness 2nd best might as well be last. Haha just joking, the sandwich was tasty, but it didn't blow my mind. 

We raced to the bus and barely made it in time. I was exhausted and happy to be heading home sweet home.

Dynamic Duo

Luckily right before I Saw the Elixir of Love Opera, Dynamic Duo was performing for free at the Millennium Stage. They are Korean rappers.  Sooo many people showed up to see them and it felt like a full out hip hop concert at the Kennedy Center.  They had lights, a DJ, etc.  Dynamic Duo had some really catchy songs.  I'm glad I got to see them.

Elixir of Love Opera

Another show with awesome seats I scored through MyTix.

Boy, did I enjoy this Opera better than the Moby Dick Opera I saw a little awhile ago.  I gotta give it up to Moby Dick though, they had better singers.

Elixir of Love was a romantic comedy, right up my alley.  I think its a perfect 1st opera starter for those who hasn't seen an opera yet.  Great set design and a delightful cast.

Our leading man was sick and they had a backup.  The leading man was suppose to be the same guy who played Greenhorn in Moby Dick and he would have been perfect!!  The backup guy was no where near as handsome and had a weaker voice. It was hard to swallow the love story.  (Sorry, I know I'm shallow)

Oh wells, the opera was still very enjoyable and I loved the set design.  They made me feel like they had a whole endless field in the background.  I appreciated the light settings to make it seem like the sun was setting or that it was getting dark.

March Free Movies
  • 300 Rise of an Empire
  • Veronica Mars Movie
  • Divergent
Never knew how easy it was to get free movie tickets. You just have to make the effort to look and you usually always find a ticket. Gofobo is an awesome site. 

And if you follow me on twitter (@tranofthoughts) you'll def get the quickest heads up on free movie screenings and free stuff. It's just easier to retweet something I find vs writing a whole blog post for it. 

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