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Friday, June 6, 2014

April Events I Went to...

I know this is a super late post, but better late than never!

Events I went to for the month of April:
  • Cherry Blossom Festival Kimono Fundraiser
  • Swan Lake Ballet
  • Jewels New York City Ballet
  • American Ballet
  • Nats Game
  • Toro Toro Opening Night
  • Silver Spring Easter Egg Hunt
  • Time for Taiwan
  • Maryland Day 2014
  • Free Movie

Cherry Blossom Festival Kimono Fundraiser

I love volunteering for the Cherry Blossom Festival. This will be my 3rd year volunteering.

There are so many cool events to checkout and the volunteers are always nice and friendly. It feels good to give back in any little way I can. 

This year I volunteered 2 days in a row after work for the Kimono Fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The hotel is just a swanky place to be at and  volunteering there was a bonus!

Arise Bazaar, a kimono company located in the DMV area was hosting the Kimono Fundraiser. Used and vintage kimono were donated from the Japan-America Society of  Washington DC ranging from $15 and up. Arise had new Yukata, kimonos, and obis on sale. The Cherry Blossom Festival had adorable dragon, cat, owl, turtle, and bear charms made from kimono fabric, silk fans, sandal socks, happy cat statutes and other ridiculously cute nick knacks. 

I volunteered as the cashier and it was crazy fun to people watch. All sorts of interesting and unique people were coming to buy kimonos...lots of anime lovers... 

Another nice bonus for volunteering was for every hour I volunteered I would get $5 credit to use towards a used and vintage kimono.  I ended up with $30 credit and I got a beautiful shiny silvery blue Haori (kimono jacket) for free! Yay for free stuff!!

Swan Lake Ballet

The only ballet I've ever seen before was the Nutcracker and everyone sees that around Christmas time with family.  So I consider Swan Lake my 1st real adult ballet.

I got tickets through LivingSocial for a great price.  Swan Lake was presented by the Ballet Theatre of Maryland at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore.  This was their 1st collaboration and it showed. I felt like I was seeing a very good college or amateur production than a professional troupe.

I've gone to the Kennedy Center so many times, I think I'm spoiled now.  The Lyric Opera House is nice, but no where near as grand as the Kennedy Center.

The costumes was simple and neat. The set design was adequate. It got monotonous to stare at the same set design for a 3 hour ballet. I wish they changed it up with different backgrounds or had more elaborate costuming. 

The dancers were ok. The range was from children and up. I saw a lot of mistakes and I'm def not an expert in ballet. 

Overall for a livingsocial deal it was great, but if I had to pay full price I would not have been as happy.

Jewels New York City Ballet

Man, this ballet is what I imagined a ballet to be like!

Talk about being night and day compared to the Swan Lake Ballet I just saw.  I was very impressed and wowed not only by the set designS (plural mind you!) and costuming, but the dancing was amazing!

Jewel is actually a non- story ballet and I thought I would have been bored by it. I can admit I was dead wrong. 

The ballet was separated in 3 acts; emerald, ruby, and diamonds. It's hard to say which was my favorite, but I think emerald was my fav. Green being my most favorite color on Earth could have had a hand on that decision. ;)

American Ballet

Boy was I bamboozled!!  My friend bought tickets and told me it was for the Don Quixote Ballet.  It was for the American Ballet Mixed Performances. -_- whoop whoop

We did not even discover this mistake till we were sitting in the theater.  Before the show we had a very happy yummy Happy Hour at Catch 15.  It was my first time here and it wasn't crowded on a Wednesday.  Their best deal was the $1 oysters.  Boy were these oysters humongous for just a $1!  Everything else wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either.

After our tummies were full we trekked over the Kennedy Center ready to watch Don Quixote, only to get the bait and switch man!  The ballet was nice, but I was becoming sick of ballets.  Seeing 3 ballets after one another was not a smart choice.  It sounds bougie and cool to say I'm going to see a ballet, but I'm realizing I don't think I like ballets or Operas very much! haha

I'm a Broadway type of gal.  I need music, singing, and dialog I can understand. 

Nats Game

I was never a huge baseball fan, but watching a live game of any sport with friends is always fun!
I volunteered for the Cherry Blossom Festival and received free tickets. I wasn't expecting much since they were giving away free tickets. So I was completely astonished and impressed that the tickets were in the 100 Section! A very nice view of the game.

Toro Toro Opening Night

This was a very cool event!  Brand New Opening of one of Richard Sandoval's restaurant.  It was unlimited alcohol and unlimited apps.  I actually paid for this event, but of course I found a discount.  I was weary if this event would be worth it for me, since I don't drink alcohol.  And I'm glad to say it was worth it!  Lots of yummy apps to keep me happy and I loved the atmosphere.  They had a DJ spinning and I felt I was at a club.  Very fun.

Silver Spring Easter Egg Hunt

I went to check out the Adult Easter Egg Hunt.  It was fun to run around and look for prizes.  We were given a map with all the participating stores.  Each store had paper eggs hidden with $5 gift cards to local business'.

I was able to get some free food and I gave away the other gift cards to places I wouldn't shop at like a record store.  What was also neat is that the paper eggs were pics of a painting you could win in a raffle.  You would think with all the paper eggs we found we would at least get 1 painting.  Nope nada, but it was a lot of fun.

Time for Taiwan

I was soooooo happy I found cheaper tickets for this event.  My friend paid $40 while I found tixs for $25.  We heard a lecture of a woman's travels to Taiwan. After the lecture was a musical performance of Taiwanese Musicians.  They were awesome.  I was impressed and enjoyed the performance.

After the performance we had a buffet style dinner with fried rice, noodles, eggrolls, chicken skewers, squid balls, and bubble tea.  The food was ok, nice that it was all you can eat but the eggrolls were soggy.  The bubble tea was delicious and it was neat to be in the Natural History Museum after hours.  At the end we were given a little gift bag with a teacup inside.

Compared to completely free events I've been to, this event was not worth it.  It was ok.  It was a nice event, but not very fun.

Maryland Day 2014

Maryland Day is always a blast! Tons of freebies!  Very fun to run all over campus.  I came out like a bandit with freebies. Best freebie win was a mini portable tool kit, perfect to leave in my car! Yay!

Free Movie

Free movies I went to for the month of April.  Follow @tranofthoughts on twitter if you want a heads up on upcoming free movie tickets in the DMV area.
  • The Other Woman

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