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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June Events

A little late, but not tooo bad right?? haha

June was a crazy filled month of free Yelp Events, yay!  Below are the events I went to for the month of June:
  • Cupcake & Macaron Tour
  • Side Show
  • Yelp's Hidden Gems
  • Yelp Gears Up for Pizza Parts & Service
  • Yelp Gets Lucky
  • Yelp's Rock & Soul Yelper Party
  • Avenue Q
  • Free Movies
Cupcake & Macaron Tour

I went on the Cupcake & Macaron Tour in Georgetown and I had a wonderful time! Our tour guide Phillip was awesome!

I bought 4 deals through groupon and after all the discounts I was able to get each deal for around $17 bucks. Compared to the $50 retail price, I think that's a steal. It was a little confusing to place my reservations, but not too bad. I wish they would have sent a reminder email since I made the reservations a month in advanced.

I drove down early to make sure I factored in time to find parking and I found a 2 hour meter. With the park mobile app it was easy to refill, instead of having to run back or find a parking garage.

The meeting place was that the Old Stone Cottage and we didn't see anyone. Luckily I saw a guy holding a folder and asked him if he was the tour guide and he was, but I felt he def should have had a sign or held a flag or something official to make it known he's a tour guide.

Our tour guide was Phillip who is a history teacher for 6 & 7th graders. He was amazing! He gave us history tidbits throughout the whole tour. He was enthusiastic and super nice. He gave us a heads up every time he thought there would be a long trek or tight spaces. I thought he was the best tour guide we could have gotten. He def made our experience more enjoyable.

We were only suppose to go to 6 stops, but Phillip said we would be going to 7! Score! An extra stop!!

Our very 1st stop was my favorite, Sprinkles. The sample was a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and it was delicious! The cupcake was moist and fluffy and the frosting wasn't too sweet. The chocolate flavor was strong and amazing!!! It was nice to learn that Sprinkles is big on charity and they donate their cupcakes daily. They also make a doggie cupcake and will have a cupcake vending machine soon!!!! Ooooooo can't wait!

The 2nd stop was a bit of a walk, Thomas Sweet. Obama loves the fudge here. I'm not a huge fudge fan b/c it's too dense and way to sweet. The fudge was tasty, but didn't standout to me from other fudges I had. We all got chocolate fudge.

The 3rd stop was Patisserie Poupon. We tried their pastries here. I grabbed a caramel looking Napoleon and it was yummy! I kinda got impatient for Macarons and bought some here. It's the cheapest Macaron for 85 cents, but not the best tasting.

The 4th stop was Macaron Bee.  This was such a cute little shop and the I'm not sure if the store owner was the person serving us, but she was French and explained her Macarons beautifully. I tried the Matcha Green Tea Macaron and it was deeeeeelicious!!! Sooo good. I do love green tea so I could be biased. Haha

The 5th stop was Olivia Macaron. This was a super far walk, but the scenery was pretty to look at. This was a more polished, professional looking shop. I tried the spicy Mexican chocolate bacon macaron. That was tasty and interesting to try. You really get the bits of bacon flavor.

The 6th stop was Dean & Deluca. We got to try the Neapolitan Macaron. Chocolate and vanilla meringue with a strawberry filling. I approve! It was delicious.

The 7th stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. Since the shop is very popular, Phillip said he would run over and bring back the cupcakes to us. I had the red velvet and it was yummy. If I had to compare cupcakes I would say I prefer Sprinkles.

My favorite macaron of all time is still Laduree. Tout de Sweet is good for being in the area. The best flavor macaron on the tour was Macaron Bee' green tea, but best texture was Olivia Macaron.

I was forcing myself to try everything in the end and I felt I couldn't appreciate some of the sweets.  Next time I know to bring some Tupperware.

Side Show

I love going to the Kennedy Center!  It has such a nice polished feel. I came here to see Side Show with my sister. The performance was at the Eisenhower Theater. I usually see productions at the Opera House, but the Eisenhower was nice too.

There were no grand chandelier lights like the Opera House. The Eisenhower theatre was smaller creating a more intimate feeling watching the show. I loved the giant yellow curtains. That def gave a majestic vibe.

Side Show was about conjoined twins making it big from a freak show. The show was well produced. The set design and costuming was gorgeous. I actually felt afraid of some of the costumes. Haha the music was nice. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't one of my favorites. Fun to watch. It kind of felt like the story line didn't go anywhere and it didn't have the happiest happy ending.

I was able to score $30 tickets through Kennedy Center's MyTix discount program for people under 30. I love this program so much!! I'm able to see so many shows because of this program, otherwise tickets would be way to expensive for me to buy.

It's always a treat to see shows at the Kennedy Center and I kind of liked it was at the Eisenhower since I've never been to it before.

Yelp's Hidden Gems

Yelp has an on-going event promotion right now,  A treasure hunt!  For 6 weeks Yelp will have a secret location in a restaurant, or a business and they will release clues everyday.  Once you figure out the clue, go to the establishment, check in on the Yelp app, you get a deal from checking in and a blue gem.  The blue gem is your ticket to an exclusive event at the end of the promotion.

I found the 1st hidden gem.  It was at Seoul Food in Wheaton, MD.  The food was delicious and I can't wait to go back to try their other stuff.

Below is my review from Yelp:

I went to check out Seoul Food for Yelps Hidden Gems scavenger/ treasure hunt. I decided to stop by on my way home from work. It was confusing to find parking, so I parked in a shopping center across the street and walked over.

Stepping in, it def had that hippie,organic, independent store vibe, which was cool. The owners of Seoul Food were the cook and cashier. The cashier is practically in the kitchen and you can watch them make your food. I checked in on Yelp and it said I found one of the hidden gems and I got a 25% off an entree as the prize.

I put in my order of spicy pork bibimbap and a scallion pancake. I showed them the app and they got excited and handed me a gem. I think I was the first person to come for Yelps Hidden Gems. The place was a little cramp, but home-y. There was a whole other side to the store that seemed like the inside of a gas station.

There are 2 tables in front of the cashier so not much room for big parties. On the table directly in front of the cashier were all their desserts and models of their sides. Seeing the scallion pancake sold me to buy one.

I got my food to go since it was late and was excited to dig in the minute I got home. Boy was it tasty. I opted for the mild version, which was tasty, but I wish I went spicier.

I mixed my Bibimbap together. The owner stressed that I had to mix it all up. It was yummy! The spicy pork had a great flavor. I felt healthy eating some vegetables haha. It was delicious. I wish I was able to get this in Dolsot, the hot stone bowl. Man that would be tasty!

I really enjoyed the scallion pancake. It was still pretty crispy when I got home. The sauce it came with was awesome! I used up every last bit and it was def enough sauce for the whole scallion pancake. I wish I got to eat it fresh when it came off the pan so it would be crisper, but I know that's the downfall of getting it to go.

Overall the food I got was tasty! I thought it was a bit pricey, but for organic home cooked delicious food, I can't complain too much. I can't wait to try the tacos when I go back and maybe I'll try a dessert too! :)

Yelp Gears Up for Pizza Parts & Service

The garlic knots were my fav! Buttery biscuits oozing with garlic butter and sprinkled with parmesan and parsley. So finger licking good!

There were sooooo many different types of pizzas and wings to try. My favorite pizza was the white pizza. It had a nice garlic flavor to it and I love garlic!  There were spicy, BBQ, and honey siracha wings. My fav was the spicy. It wasn't spicy at all, but it had a good tangy flavor.

The soda fountain had some cool flavors like vanilla root beer. I enjoyed drinking the punch. More food kept on coming out, to the point where I gave up and wanted to pass out. Haha

The freebies I got were a luggage tag, Chapstick, nail file, deck of cards, cup cozies, a pen, and the piece de resistance: YELP PANTIES! I had to play rock, paper, scissors and I was victorious!!

I really enjoyed this yelp event. It was a more intimate event and I was able to chit chat with a lot of Yelpers. Other events I've been too were a bit intimidating to talk to the other Yelpers. I did have some friends with me at this event. I think I'm probably getting more comfortable and realizing all Yelpers are pretty friendly.

Yelp Gets Lucky

I got the confirmation for the Yelp VA party at the Torpedo Factory and I was super siced to go. haha  MD Yelp's Time Warp Party and Baltimore's Yelp Rock & Roll parties were awesome!

The party was in Old Town Alexandria and I got there a little early and had time to explore a bit. Old Town Alexandria is gorgeous! I love the quaint cozy feel of the town. The shops are fun to check out and I love all the handmade ice cream shops.

Once I got to the Torpedo Factory I was amped to party hardy! The Torpedo Factory was huge!  3 floors of fun!! I checked in and received some free goodies from the start! I got a yelp bag, phone charm, beer opener keychain, nail filer, and a Chapstick.

Landini Brothers pasta was the first thing I tried and it was tasty. I appreciated how they had parmesan cheese out to sprinkle on the pasta.

The Bai drinks were so refreshing! I tried so many different flavors, coconut was good!
The root beer was really good too and that's saying something since I don't really drink soda at all.

I was actually the 1st person to say the secret word "FULL MOON" to Shana from To Your Taste Catering, but the prize I was suppose to win was all gone. Boo.

I was super happy to get a free bag from sweet green, I loved the saying, "Beets don't kale my vibe."  Haha love it!! And it was cool to get a $3 coupon from them too!

The ice cream from TropQ Creamery was delicious, super creamy! I liked the Island Mango from Capital tea. I don't drink alcohol, so I can't vouch for the beer and moonshine, but I heard it was good from my friends.

I was hoping to win a free happy hour from Blackfinn, but I won sunglasses. Not bad I can always use some sunglasses. Haha. The tarot cards, hair blow out, caricatures, and aura reading were too crowded to try out, but I wish I could have tried it.

My favorite part of the night was of course the photobooth! The line for the photo booth wasn't bad, so I has plenty of opportunities to take a million pics.

The party overall was super crowded, but it had a good vibe. The food didn't run out, I had time to try everything at a leisurely pace. It would have been ideal to try all the activities, but I had a great time with my friends. I didn't win anything from the raffle in the end, but I can't complain the party was amazeballs!! Props to Gretchen & Yelp for throwing a dope party!

Yelp's Rock & Soul Yelper Party

My friend randomly found this event.  We had both signed up for the VA Yelp Gets Lucky party and we were looking forward to that.  To our surprise, Baltimore was throwing their own bash 2 days before VA's!  The guest list was full, but me and my friend were like "what the heck" lets get on the wait list and see.  If we got in, great and if not, we still had Yelp's VA party.  Amazingly we got our confirmations an hour after RSVPing!!  Woohoo we were siced!

After arriving to the party and signing in, I got to try the sushi and the yellow tail was fantastic. The oysters were on point! I ate so many oysters! The tuna taretare was so tasty I forgot to take a pic. The pork sandwhich was amazeballs!! That black truffle spread was sooooo finger licking goooood!!!

My favorite soda was the almond cream soda. I don't drink alcohol, but the bf was loving all of it. Chocolate strawberries, salted caramel cupcake, brownie was delicious!

It was cool to see a live band playing, but I was too busy taking pics with the photobooth. I didn't have time to paint upstairs, but it looked like a ton of fun! Creative Alliance was a great space to throw the party in. All the art was great to look at.

The food ran out around 9pm, but I got my fill. Freebies I got was mints, shot glass, and the photos from the photo booth.

Avenue Q

Avenue Q is a musical about raunchy puppets.  It's a satire on Sesame Street.  It was very funny, with catchy songs.  I enjoyed watching it.  Also, its take on people after college and their majors really hit home with me.  Most of it was exaggerated fun, but sooo true too. haha  I definitely recommend watching it with friends and not with family. haha

Free Movies

Free movies I got tickets to for the month of June.  Follow @tranofthoughts on twitter if you want a heads up on upcoming free movie tickets in the DMV area.
  • 22 Jump Street
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • A Fault in Our Stars
  • Think Like a Man 2
  • Begin Again
  • Tammy
  • And So It Goes
  • Earth to Echo

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