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Monday, February 9, 2015

Groupon 20% Off Up To 3 Deals! Expires February 10, 2015

Ooooo Groupon got me good! I've been buying so many deals b/c of this coupon!  Def a good deal for all u last minute people for Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's Day Groupon has a 20% off coupon  for up to 3 deals that expires February 10, 2015 @ 11:59pm!!

Code: LOVE20

Expires: February 10, 2015 @ 11:59pm

Max Savings: $50


  1. Hey wassup with all the groupon and living social advertisements and business promotions? How come your not posting ticket give away for smithsonian at 8 oscar night, or 3 day rule launch party, or free screening for 50 shades and kingsman, or ticket give away for 50 shades musical.

    Or are you hiding the good stuff for yourself? Like the yards party and lord of the rings screening?

    Just sayin...

    1. As I mentioned in many earlier posts, please follow me on Twitter (@tranofthoughts), because sometimes its not worth me writing a whole blog post because the deal runs out too fast, like movie screening tickets.

      I retweet everything I find, I don't hide the good stuff for myself. I even have my Twitter embedded into my website for those without Twitter.

      Also some of the events you mentioned, I didn't even know about, so I as much as I try, I can't find every deal out there. Thanks for the feedback and I hope that helps.

  2. Yeah and I am sorry if my post sounded "mean". I actually got a twitter account because of our conversation and I follow your website blog I will add you on twitter now to! :) My intent of my previous message wasn't to be mean, but more to support you and show that you do have a fan who is following your page and if anything to show support that I care by showing you someone notices that your previous posts went from free tickets and give aways to advertising support.

    My "Tran of Thoughts" was, "I wonder if she is becoming uninspired because she doesn't see comments and support from her subscribed community." So my thought process was, "I will show her that HEY your posts are followed and recognized so go back to posting that good stuff you were posting before!"

    If I didn't support your blog and wanted to be mean, I would just unsubscribe and not follow you. Instead I honestly thought some criticism from a follower would have been well received.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to post more awesome events. :)