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Friday, February 13, 2015

Lyft is Giving 10 Free Rides in DC!

I just signed up and I got the 10 free rides!  Can't wait to use them!

So for those of you who don't know Lyft is, its like Uber. And if you don't know Uber, it's a taxi like service, but with real people using their real cars.

Everything is done through the app when you download it. There is no cash involved, because the app is connected to your credit card.

I have used Uber many times and its really easy and simple.  It is also a lot cheaper than riding a regular taxi.  I'm excited to try Lyft, especially since they have such a great promo going on.  

Above is a pic of the text I got letting me know I got the 10 free rides.  It last for 8 days from when you sign up.  Also you have to be in the DC area when you sign up to receive the promo, or else you would have to contact their guest services for them to load the free rides to your account.

Take advantage of the deal, especially if you live in DC, you can totally save money, vs taking the metro or taxi. No idea how long the promo is going on for, so don't delay to sign up!

Sign up with my referral code and received another free ride on top of the 10 free ride promo! 


  1. The offer is in several other cities too:

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